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What ‘
Youdymmy is a chat
How do I get to download dowland?
Do not need to download any software, just only access the following website
why should I use youdymmy as chat and other chat?
This chat is Italian, Free, no registration requirement, you can talk and look into the faces of your friends by connecting a microphone and a webcam. The video and listening is good.
You pay?
How do I invite my friends and tell them the time and date so you can meet again all together at once?
Create an event on facebook or other social network where you are registered, the event and then call all the time on board we scirvi eg event: I invite “event title” Then write on the bulletin board in 4 days at 20:30 of all to make a videochiaccherata. Invite your friends over and we will be more fun we do not forget to connect the camera microfono. “This is just an example”
And ‘possible to gain with this chat?
It is possible there will soon be able to wade through all the conditions for a chat with youdymmy. If you’re a girl sprigliata, and you have a diploma and speak Italian perfectly, then right now you can send your resume to “is not a work of webcamgilr” has nothing to do with anything .
I have a website how can I earn with youdymmy?
When you can get the HTML code and insert to chat youdymmy of your web page.Which means you put around your adsense banners, or other programs to which you are affiliated, then we stdianto a new affiliate program for all webmasters.
I come often disturbed when they are chatting with my family, go bother people as I can solve the problem?
Send an email to problemma solve them immediately, or you will create a customized room if you like.
The audio is not feeling well
The ‘sound depends a lot on that allowed you, and the microphone that uses a “TIP compares a webcam with microphone built between 70 – 100 euros”
You do not see the webcam of my friend, what happened?
When you enter the chat room once inside a person must click on the square next to where there is ‘written’ your wemcam “pass with mause and click on it.
I do not understand how to know who looks at me
At the moment this is one of the many functions that are not there ‘. Soon you will be able to see you at once and more than a webcam, and know who is watching you on webcam,Onu but not only there will be many other useful functions.
How can I become a moderator?
Just send an email to, or wait for a moderator and you will note signals to the staff
I often meet people in chat who speaks English, Arabic and Chinese
The youdymmy of chat is very well known even if just born, and not only that but has been included in dozens of websites also non-Italian This means adhering to a website or blog http://www.cinesicalabresi.girl, convinced that access to chat site but that actually come in to chat
How can I advertise my site?
Access and then down the bottom of the Vice advertising costs 30 euros a year very convenient to have advertising on a website that makes hundreds of visitors a day.
I want to make suggestions, and questions who do I contact? Is it okay if I expose them to the moderator or moderators in the chat?
NO! Whatever you type in, do not trust anyone in the  Onu chat be it a home user or business

It ‘can kiss a person in a chat? No Kissing you still can not know


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