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How can you pretend that certain tricks that they used the “girlie“, work in the web?DO NOT speak of exhibitionism in the chat, but sites with adult content, porn, chat, or who are unable to fill because of their negligence, because of their lack of inventiveness, seriousness and self-interest and claim to “catch” people in the web chat Every day more and more companies and websites dating chat, come to grab that tricks users with idiots and take them to their website.Often they are women who dress with a dazzling show of the poor users into subscriptions even without their knowledge. If you listened to the television program STRIP days ago the news was talking about this. Do you think that there are shady ONU websites, where you only need to visit the website to see the house newsletters delivered to postal subscription subscribed. Stuff to chat? No cultural crisis stuff.Most people now has a forum, a blog, a website that wants to advertise but not rightly so, that even surpasses spam. UN think that is a chat where you can link qalsiasi consiguenza links and advertise your own website, blog or forum without spamming and without these tricks. I have already said repeatedly that “no one is anonymous on the Internet”, and if it is possible to deliver your subscription at home let alone the police post would not be able to find these zimbelline of girl who go to work instead of trying to cheat the people honest using chat for business or pleasure, or just to sit with their families via videoconference to spread because other end of the world. Moral people beware of “especially women”, which in the web chat send you the link, and invite you to visit other web sites or chat, BEWARE. Beware of issuing the chat is youdymmy UN ica. An Italian web chat with a lot of value. At this point, to ward off the bullies and pupae, each one of us must make a contribution in sharing it own social network on your MSN, on twitter, so expect honest people like us, so that you create a square ” Virtual “, where we meet him as a pleasant thing in the United Nations motto popular wisdom that emphasizes human values

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